Here admin need to create the master to run the erp smoothly he can create masters like

Manage Branch

Manage School/collage

Add batch

Add class

Add section

Manage class

Manage section

Manage religion

Manage nationality

Manage student cast

Subject master

  • a. Subject type
  • b. Mapping area
  • c. School subject
  • d. Add subject
  • e. Manage subject

Library master

  • a. Storage type master
  • b. Building master
  • c. Member type master
  • d. Book type master
  • e. Material type master
  • f. Author master
  • g. Language master
  • h. Publication master
  • i. Main category master
  • j. Category master
  • k. Sub category master
  • l. Room master
  • m. Rack master
  • n. Self master
  • o. Fine master

Manage banks

  • a. Add bank master
  • b. Add branch master
  • c. Account information

Manage holidays

Manage sms template

Manage blood group

Manage department

Manage designation